History and Mandate

Ground Cover Theatre was founded in 2007 with the aim to create original work through the medium of physical storytelling. The creation of an original work begins as a set of ideas, images and improvisations that arise from research taken from literary resources, personal stories and archival data. The germination process then begins to unfold, and several collaborations occur among multiple artists, including actors, dramaturge, composer, technical designers, and musicians.

Ground Cover Theatre's approach to physical storytelling is to link a theme and an image as a catalyst to developing a physical storyboard. Music is then selected that highlights the emotional content of the plot, such that this emotional content will enhance what in theatre parlance is referred to as a character’s “expressive journey.” Once the physical storyboard is developed text is explored in order to define the parameters of the narrative. Text is largely found through improvisations based on themes or images that capture the narrative of the story. It is from these improvisations that a script and physical storyboard begins to take shape.

Ground Cover Theatre's artistic aim is to create new work that draws upon current issues of debate because ground-breaking theatre is dependent upon stories that provoke questions and lead if not to new, then at least to deeper insights. Ground Cover’s first project was entitled Dysmorphia and it was loosely inspired by Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray focusing on the themes of youth, identity, obsession, beauty and the extent one will go to achieve instant gratification. Dysmorphia premiered as part of Saskatoon's Live Five’s sixth season and the production was applauded for its ingenuity in combining multi-media, movement, and text. In total Dysmorphia saw four developmental stages (including production rehearsals) and was completed over a two-year period.

Ground Cover Theatre's second original work is entitled Displaced, and received five developmental workshops between 2011 and 2014 and premiered at the St. Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival in June 2015, garnering two juried nominations for "Best English Projection" and "Best English Text," and received 5 stars in the Star Phoenix at the PotashCorp Fringe Festival in Saskatoon. Displaced was remounted in 2017 as part of the Live Independent Theatre season in Saskatoon selling out all 8 shows (first time in Live Five's 13 year history) and then moved on to the Sandbox Series at the Globe Theatre in Regina. Displaced revolves around three women emigrants from different cultures (Irish, German and Afghani) and time periods (1847, 1947, 2007) who cross paths through the collective spirit of memory and cultural identity. The story explores themes of isolation, prejudice, and identity and looks at the challenges these women faced moving to a new country (Canada).