Displaced Created by: Natasha Martina and Sue Mythen

Montreal Fringe Festival - June 12-21, 2015

Saskatoon Fringe Festival - July 30 - August 8, 2015


Stage Five Participants: Jillian Borrowman, Kelly McTaggart and Emma Thorpe.                                                        Filming and Photography by: S.E. Grummet.

Stage Four Participants: Ntara Curry, Jenna Lee Hyde, Kate Herriot and Gordon Portman (Dramaturge).                        A big thank you to the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre.

Stage Three Participants: Jenna Lee Hyde, Janessa Johnsrude and Emma Thorpe.                                                          A big thank you to the Interdisciplinary Centre for Culture and Creativity and The Saskatchewan Arts Board.

Stage Two Participants: Anna Seibel, Natasha Martina and Sue Mythen.

Stage One Participants: Natasha Martina and Sue Mythen.