Aside from an appreciation of the talent involved, what you’re also left with, after the 80 minute one act, is a deeper understanding of the struggle involved in starting a new life, the heartbreak and uncertainty and the tragedy behind the stories of those who never made it. Not to mention the courage and innate optimism of the human spirit which builds communities and forges nations.
— Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Cam Fuller - January 27, 2017
       Mary escapes the Great Irish Famine in 1847, Sofia flees war-torn Germany in 1947 and Dara bolts from Afghani Taliban rule in 2007. Canada is their new home, but relocation carries with it the struggles and pains of adapting to unfamiliar customs. 
DISPLACED created by Natasha Martina in collaboration with Sue Mythen premiered at the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival from June 12-20 at Studio Jean-Valcourt du Conservatoire and at the PostashCorp Saskatoon Fringe Festival between August 1 -8, 2015
“Displaced” received two nominations at the St. Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival for “Best English Production” and “Best English Text” and 5 Stars in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

“It is a play that is poignant, thoughtful and unfortunately, all too relevant in an age where the lessons of the past can be forgotten so easily.”

“Strong performances by Moore, Mazurik and Laishram.”

Capital Critics’ Circle – Kat Fournier – June 13, 2015

“Displaced is easily one of the most fully realized and rich experiences at this year’s fringe.”

“It’s captivating to watch Anna Mazurik, Katie Moore and Emma Laishram become these women. Their telling of these fictional women is more vulnerable and honest than some of the autobiographical shows you’ll see at this year’s fringe.”

“The play breathes like a human being.”

Star Phoenix – Stephanie McKay – August 4, 2015

Displaced uses sensuous movement, storytelling and original music (by Gemini Nominee, Jason Cullimore) to interweave the three immigrant women's stories through the commonality of place; and although each woman's journey originates in a different era, their stories connect through their port of entry, their workplace and their adoptive country. Movement, text and music serve as catalysts in unraveling the delicate issues of the human experience arising out of the combination of these three women's memories and shared spaces. 
Displaced is directed by Natasha Martina and features performances by Emma Laishram, Jacqueline Block and Anna Mazurik, with costumes by Carla Orosz. Photos by: S.E. Grummett and JL Photo.


                                          A big thank you to the Saskatchewan Arts Board for supporting this project.

                                          A big thank you to the Saskatchewan Arts Board for supporting this project.

history of development

Stage Five Participants: Jillian Borrowman, Kelly McTaggart and Emma Thorpe.                                                        Filming and Photography by: S.E. Grummett.

Stage Four Participants: Ntara Curry, Jenna Lee Hyde, Kate Herriot and Gordon Portman (Dramaturge). A big thank you to the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre.

Stage Three Participants: Jenna Lee Hyde, Janessa Johnsrude and Emma Thorpe.                                                          A big thank you to the Interdisciplinary Centre for Culture and Creativity 

Stage Two Participants: Anna Seibel, Natasha Martina and Sue Mythen.

Stage One Participants: Natasha Martina and Sue Mythen.