Ground Cover Theatre from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan premieres its latest work "Displaced" created by Natasha Martina and Sue Mythen at Live Five Independent Theatre season from January 26-29 and February 2-5, 2017, Kerry Vickar Centre (Melfort, SK) January 31, 2017, Shumiatcher Sandbox Series (Globe Theatre Regina) from February 9-11 and Feb 15-18, 2017 and at the Tommy Douglas Centre (Weyburn) on February 14, 2017. Displaced uses sensuous movement, storytelling and original music (by Gemini Nominee, Jason Cullimore), to interweave three immigrant women’s stories through the commonality of place; and although each woman’s journey originates in a different era, their stories connect through their port of entry, their workplace and their adoptive country. Movement, text and music serve as catalysts in unraveling the delicate issues of the human experience arising out of the combination of these three women’s memories and shared spaces. Displaced is directed by Natasha Martina, and in this trailer the actors are Emma Laishram, Katie Moore and Anna Mazurik with costumes by Amberlin Hsu.